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About the Club

Cereal City Athletics Adventure Club is designed to promote and encourage athletes in the Battle Creek area to not only succeed in their current sports but to venture out and try something new. The club promotes healthy living. active lifestyles, and family fun. Club membership gains athletes access to the private Facebook group, along with discounts on Cereal City Athletics store merchandise and events. 

The Cereal City Athletics Adventure Club is a giant family that encourages, uplifts and challenges each other to reach their full potential. Club members enjoy quarterly family outings as well. 

Club membership is a $35 yearly fee and renewal is required to maintain club perks. 


Club perks

The Cereal City Athletics Adventure Club offers members a variety of perks with their yearly membership, including:

  • discounted registration for all Cereal City Athletics events
  • custom gear at cost for club members and their family
  • 15% discount at the Cereal City Athletics store
  • Cereal City Athletics club giveaway (2018 giveaway - CCA Hoorag)
  • a community of new friends

The CCA pledge

As a member of Cereal City Athletics, I commit to:

  • creating a positive presence in our community
  • participating in (or volunteering for) Cereal City Athletics events
  • proudly wearing my Cereal City Athletics gear at events both locally and around the world
  • being an encouraging, supportive and humble resource for anyone interested in learning and growing as an athlete

By wearing the Cereal City Athletics logo, I am stating to the community that I am committed to helping make my community a healthy, happy and active place for everyone. 


Member Commitment



Members commit to participate, to the best of their ability, in the Cereal City Athletics events. Members who do not participate in these events will not be excluded from membership, but should make every effort to be involved. Members are encouraged to spread the word about events to friends and family and on social media.

Members are also encouraged to promote and participate in other local events spreading the enthusiasm for an active community and supporting local athletes and organizations. We are a community oriented club and thus want to make an impression and impact on our community. 


Members will commit to volunteer at CCA events. Our members are an extension of us and offer a tremendous amount of support and we are grateful)! Even if being a spectator is all you can do, be the loudest one there.

Community Support

Members commit to be a resource to all (especially new) athletes. One of the hardest things for a newcomer in any sport is to know where to go for advice. Cereal City Athletics Adventure Club, and its members, WILL BE that source for area newcomers. All members need to be supportive, energetic and willing to help both members and non-members gain confidence in their sport. We all remember what it was like to be a newbie, right? We want one of the most noteworthy aspects of our members to be their 100% willingness and desire to answer "dumb" questions. (Although, we know, no question is a dumb question, and chances are it is someone else's question too.) If a new athlete sees someone wearing the Cereal City Athletics logo they should feel comfortable to approach that person and ask as many questions as they may have about events, the club, what the area has to offer and more!